How much should you put in ang baos to huat the whole year?

How much should you put in ang baos to huat the whole year?

KopiTalk·2018-02-15 10:59

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Chinese New Year is all about gatherings, good food and ang bao! It's the time of the year to give and receive these little red packets and here comes the tricky question.. How much should ang bao givers prepare in each red packet?

Know which number to avoid before deciding on how much to give. The number 4 is inauspicious so try to avoid giving $4, $14 or $24. Besides that, ang baos are usually given in even numbers. Any amount with the number 8 in it will be good.

This monetary gift basically depends on your relationship with the receiver. Most people will reserve their biggest ang bao for their parents or parents-in-laws to express their gratitude towards them. Ang bao for parents ranges from $200 to $500.

Ang bao from parents is a symbol of parental love and most parents tend give their kids $50 to $200 in Singapore. The safe amount to give your siblings would be $20 to $50.

A nice amount between $18 to $38 will be good for your extended family such as cousins, nieces or nephews. Depending on how close you are to them.

Random kids who come to your house should be thankful to receive an amount of $6 to $12.

Auspicious amount to give based on your zodiac sign

Some of us may have the habit to give an amount that ends with the number 8. Why not change it to something that suits your zodiac sign so that you will huat the entire year? 

It is good to be generous, but you need to be good to yourself too. Brb, time to sort my angbaos!

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