UberFLASH matches users with ComfortDelGro taxis

UberFLASH matches users with ComfortDelGro taxis

Yahoo Singapore·2018-01-19 01:10

Ride-hailing firm Uber announced on Thursday (18 January) a new service that matches riders with ComfortDelGro taxis, a month after the announcement of the two companies’ collaboration.

UberFLASH – which has already launched in Malaysia and Thailand – will match riders with the nearest ComfortDelGro taxi or uberX vehicle. It begins in Singapore on Friday (19 January) at 6am.

Riders will be able to see UberFLASH trip fares upfront before requesting a ride and average fares are said to be 5 to 10 per cent lower than uberX. Fares are subject to dynamic pricing – that is, surge pricing will apply.


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