An unlikely hero: Taxi uncle saves the day for this little girl!

An unlikely hero: Taxi uncle saves the day for this little girl!

KopiTalk·2018-01-25 22:20

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Yet another heartwarming story about our local taxi drivers? Wow! 

Who says taxi drivers are only fierce and grouchy?

A taxi driver was dropping off a passenger at Simsville condo along Geylang East Avenue 2 when he spotted a little girl crying at the lobby alone. 

Worrying that she might run out on the road without adult supervision, he approached the little girl to see if she needed help. While he was trying to calm the crying girl down, he realised that she's too young to even remember her address. 

He waited with her at same lobby, hoping that her family will soon return to look for her but no one turned up. In the end, he had to send the girl to the guardhouse so that the security guard would be able to help her. 

Applause for his efforts in ensuring the child's safety!

It seems like taxi drivers have been impressing people recently. First it was revealed that they had been constantly helping the needy on the quiet and now they showed their caring side again. 

Well done, taxi uncles! 

(Image Credit/s: facebook)

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