Man found guilty of killing mother of ex-boss

Man found guilty of killing mother of ex-boss

CrimeLibrarySingapore·2018-02-05 04:50

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After killing a grandmother he had known for a decade, Singaporean P. Mageswaran went back home to Johor Baru and pawned her jewellery for RM26,300 (S$10,200).

Eight days later, questions from his wife about the money led to his arrest. Madam Parameswary Thimparayan, a Malaysian, had asked him where he got the money from.

Mageswaran, 49, who rode pillion on his wife's motorcycle into Singapore, was arrested at Woodlands Checkpoint.

Mageswaran had worked for Madam Lactmy's older son and was invited to family gatherings.

On the morning of Dec 9, he desperately needed RM5,000 for an instalment payment on his new flat. He asked his wife for a document on the purchase, lying that he wanted to get a loan from his employer.

The then jobless Mageswaran crossed the Causeway and arrived at Madam Lactmy's flat at about 8.35am. He asked to borrow $2,000 to $3,000 from her, but she said she did not have such large sums.

When she went to brush her teeth, Mageswaran searched the three bedrooms for valuables and found a box with jewellery and several pawnshop tickets. Madam Lactmy caught him and demanded that he return the box, but Mageswaran pleaded with her for it.

When she said she would call her son, Mageswaran pushed her to the floor and pressed a pillow over her face with his right hand, while he choked her with his left.

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