Bag with laptop inside stolen in plain sight at Novena Jollibee

Bag with laptop inside stolen in plain sight at Novena Jollibee

Mothership.SG·2018-01-24 19:25

Someone who had his bag stolen from Jollibee in Novena has turned to Twitter for help to locate the culprits and recover his belongings.

Hello my bag was stolen by these culprits at Jollibee Novena, if you have any information on this 2 personnel please do drop a DM. What was lost would be my personal items and a Company Laptop which contains Highly Confidential data. Any help is appreciated, Thank you!!!!.

— Andi Rizal (@Syndicate_Drive) January 23, 2018

Last Wednesday (17/1/18). I know it was my own fault to leave my belongings there even if it is crowded. I learned it the hard way… Please do help to RT! This has also been brought up to the police.

— Andi Rizal (@Syndicate_Drive) January 23, 2018

Maybe a side view might help? But seriously thank you for trying to help me people! 😭

— Andi Rizal (@Syndicate_Drive) January 23, 2018

According to details revealed in a series of tweets, the incident occurred on Wednesday, Jan. 17, 2018.

A video and four photos showing the incident and the culprits were tweeted with an appeal for information.

The culprits appear to be a couple.

They can be seen in the video walking towards the exit of the fast food joint past a two-seater table and swiping an unattended black bag from one of the seats before casually walking out.

The eatery appeared to be full of people dining when the incident occurred.

One lead

The first tweet appealing for help was posted on Jan. 22.

By Jan. 23, the appeal was met with at least one response with a lead:


This incident could not have come at a worse time for at least one news media.

On Jan. 16, one day before this alleged Jollibee theft occurred, CNBC published a demonstrating Singapore’s low crime rate by letting its reporter leave his valuables unattended in Lau Pa Sat food centre while he went to order food.

CNBC reporter ordered chicken rice at char kway teow stall in video about S’pore’s low crime rate

The video has been widely lampooned as the reporter ordered chicken rice at the char kway teow stall and walked away with a plate of fried rice.


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