Technician murdered NUS professor

Technician murdered NUS professor

CrimeLibrarySingapore·2018-02-18 15:50

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NUS Professor Lee Kwok Hong, 47, a vice-dean of the Engineering faculty was murdered in cold blood.

A technician at the National University of Singapore burst into a conference room full of people, flashed a paper cutter at them and slit the throat of an academic among them.

He then ran out, leaving a shock group of 14 rendering first aid to Associate Professor Lee Kwok Hong, 47, a vice-dean of the Engineering faculty.

Meanwhile, a man-who was pacing the corridor of the faculty building’s seventh floor-slashed an administrative officer, a woman in her 40s, across the face.

Policemen, armed with shields, arrived to find the agitated man clutching the 14-cm paper cutter and trying to open the door of the conference room. He did not resist arrest.

The man, who is in his 40s, had been doing audio-visual work for the academics for at least 15 years, strode past three or four people before he reached Prof Lee. A former colleague of Prof Lee said the attacker had “presented problems” before but refused to elaborate.

Both the academic and the administrative officer were taken to the National University Hospital, where Prof Lee, a Malaysian, who is a Singaporean permanent resident, died at 10.40 am.

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