Six months in jail for taxi driver who punched man for insulting on his driving!

Six months in jail for taxi driver who punched man for insulting on his driving!

SG Gazette·2018-01-25 17:25

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“Sia lah, don’t know how to drive is it?” While rude, the comment simply been said in passing. Nonetheless, it incensed this taxi driver so much that he got out of the car and hit the man who said it, as well as his brother.

On Wednesday (24 Jan), 42-year-old Mohamed Said Salim was sentenced to six months’ jail for admitting to punching Elfie Adam Tay. The victim was injured from the hit, suffering a 1cm-long cut above his upper right eyelid and an eye socket fracture.

Tay’s brother Erwin was also punched, and the charge was taken into consideration.

The duo had been riding on a motorcycle into a carpark, with Erwin riding pillion, on 28 Dec 2016. The taxi of Said had made a wide turn and encroached into Tay’s lane, who steered to avoid a collision. Tay then made the comment as he rode into the carpark.

Said then reversed back into the carpark in Pasir Ris and got down. A dispute broke out, and Said punched Tay. Erwin attempted to help his brother and was punched in the lip and left jaw.

He then drove off, and was arrested on 3 Jan 2017.

Tay was admitted to Changi General Hospital and later transferred to Singapore National Eye Centre. He suffered double vision, among other things, and underwent surgery to repair the right eye socket fracture.

Said’s lawyer Rahan Supramaniam said the cabby had been upset and disturbed by the comment and sought clarification from Tay. After the incident, he showed genuine remorse, shame and regret for the offence, and has paid full compensation to Tay.

(Image Credit/s: Vulcan Post, Singapore National Eye Centre)

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