Bus arrival times aren't always accurate, but they’re still your best guess!

Bus arrival times aren't always accurate, but they’re still your best guess!

SG Gazette·2018-01-26 15:29

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Imagine yourself at the bus stop. You’ve been waiting for over 10 minutes. On your smartphone, an application flashes the word “Arriving” next to your bus of choice - and has been doing so for the past three minutes.

No doubt you’re frustrated that the bus is still not here despite a number of apps telling you it should be. That shouldn't be the case, you mutter to yourself, as you glare at your phone angrily. 

Though, have you then wondered why, and how Nestia even calculates such times in the first place?

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Timings are by estimate

The Land Transport Authority (LTA) provides the arrival times, noting that they are only estimates calculated by distance, balanced out by actual data for when the bus really does arrive on the route.

Traffic situations can also heavily impair the movement of the buses - jams, accidents, even weather conditions could delay buses by a few minutes or more.

Buses sometimes stay for longer at crowded bus stops too, where passengers get on and off in the throngs.

Flagging down your bus

Do note that buses do not always stop! If there is no one signalling to get off and no one hailing at the stop, the bus driver will skip the stop and carry on. 

To hail a bus while you're at the bus stop, wave an arm out to catch the driver's attention. 

That being said, the bus arrival times are generally accurate, and are a great help for planning your route out. 

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(Image Credit/s: Ministry of Transport, Marketing Interactive)

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