Facts about Valentine's day you didn't know

Facts about Valentine's day you didn't know

KopiTalk·2018-02-11 16:35

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You'll soon see Valentine's day advertising campaigns every where as February arrives. To those 'forever alone' people out there, Valentine's day is not all about love! Here's some facts you probably didn't know.

Valentine's day has nothing to do with love

Some stories suggested that Valentine's day was actually meant to honour Saint Valentine for his attempts to help Christians escape harsh Roman prisons a long long time ago.

Single Awareness day

Ouch.. Can't believe there's actually a day dedicated to the singles every year and (unfortunately) it falls on the same day where lovey couples celebrate love.

Proposals on Valentine's day

Wow! Valentine's day is not the most popular day to propose. A survey shows that the most popular date people chose to propose is Christmas Eve.

Valentine's day in Korea

I bet you didn't know about this, Valentine's day is a 3-day affair in Korea. On the first day of Valentine's day, women will give men chocolates. One month later, guys will return candies to their eye candy. The poor singles will eat black noodles alone on 14 April alone..

Oh well, despite how busy you are, remember to put in some effort and shower your partner with love this coming Valentine!

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