AETOS tapping technology to address manpower crunch

AETOS tapping technology to address manpower crunch

Channel NewsAsia·2018-01-27 06:05

A demonstration of how the Intelligent Fire Detection System works. (Photo: Ahmad Khan)

SINGAPORE: Security firm AETOS has developed a new fire detection system that uses a surveillance camera to spot a fire and raise the alarm before it gets too big.

Called the Intelligent Fire Detection System, it uses advanced video analytics and fire detection algorithms to detect flames as low as 25cm, and has an accuracy rate of more than 95 per cent, said AETOS.

It added that the system can be integrated into any existing security camera infrastructure.

This was among the technologies showcased at the launch of AETOS' new complex at Corporation Drive in Jurong on Friday (Jan 26), and the security firm is tapping such tools to address the manpower crunch faced in the industry.

"Even with fewer officers, suspicious incidents can be attended to more quickly. AETOS is thus able to help building owners reduce the number of security guards deployed without compromising security," said Second Minister for Home Affairs Josephine Teo at the official launch. 

AETOS' new complex at Corporation Drive. (Photo: Ahmad Khan)

The firm's Cash-in Transit Vehicles, which are used to transport cash and valuables, have more security features to cut down on the number of officials needed when they are out on the job.

Mr Jackson Lim, Chief Operating Officer of AETOS, said: “At this moment, our vehicles require a crew of three armed guards to do it at any one time. With the technology that AETOS has introduced in particular now that we are able to do live streaming of all the images that our vehicles carry. 

"There are nine cameras on-board, we are able to see every single kind of activity this camera gives us, including inside as well exterior of it. Not only do we become more effective, not only do we have much better surveillance, we only need a crew of two instead of three. That's one-third saving of manpower itself, and that's significant," he added. 

AETOS began operations at its new seven-storey building last December. 

The complex includes an indoor rifle range, new equipment like an X-ray machine for training purposes and a Command Centre.

The command post provides enhanced operational capabilities, such as monitoring of field personnel, vehicle fleets and deployment sites to reduce reliance on manpower.

Mrs Teo said: “The appropriate use of technology to carry out routine, labour intensive tasks, allows the security officer to focus on tasks that are more complex or require human judgement, such as incident response. Technology also allows a security officer to secure a larger area with greater effectiveness. All these will make our security officers more productive.”

She added that the Ministry of Home Affairs will be revealing initiatives to support companies to invest in technology during the launch the security industry transformation map next month.


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