Parents fined for lying about home address to get child into popular primary school

Parents fined for lying about home address to get child into popular primary school

Channel NewsAsia·2018-01-29 18:05

The Ministry of Education building. (File photo: Ngau Kai Yan)

SINGAPORE: The parents of a primary school student were fined S$9,000 on Monday (Jan 29) for lying about their residential address in order to enrol their child into a popular school in the Bishan area.

The child’s mother, 36, was fined S$5,000 for lying about the family’s address to the vice-principal of the school. Her husband, 38, was fined S$4,000 for duping an officer at Serangoon Gardens Neighbourhood Police Post into changing the couple’s official addresses on their identity cards.

The parents cannot be named to protect the child’s identity.

In 2014, the parents of the child, who was then five, paid a visit to their neighbourhood police post to change their registered address to one in the Bishan area. The family in fact lived in a bungalow in Serangoon Gardens.

The following year, the mother used the fake address to register her child for Primary 1 at a school in Bishan, under Phase 2C of the registration exercise. Families living within one kilometre of a school are given priority.

The school’s vice-principal accepted the application, and the child was given a place in the school. In January 2016, the month the child started Primary 1, the vice-principal realised that the mother had lied about her home address and lodged a police report. 

According to Ministry of Education rules, a child who was successfully registered in a school based on false information will be transferred to another school with available vacancies.


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