Getting married? It doesn't need to burn a hole in your wallet! Here's how to cut cost!

Getting married? It doesn't need to burn a hole in your wallet! Here's how to cut cost!

Megan Cheah·2018-02-17 11:54

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Weddings are generally the pinnacle of one’s love life (or so it’s believed), and everyone, from your mother to a distant relative that you’ve only met once, wishes it to be a lavish affair.

This means the event tends to rack up a few thousand dollars at least, but if you want to save a bit of cash, there are a few things you may just be able to cut out.

Wedding planners

Planning a huge affair may not be your forte on your own, and wedding planners might be a great support to put it all together. However, the fees can go up to a few thousand dollars, so if you’re looking to save cash, consider free planning apps, some catered directly to weddings, which can log down everything you need and more.

Said apps may also be able to estimate costs accurately and show you what you missed out. Wedding sites and blogs online can also dole out further advice and inspiration, so try them out before carving a huge portion of your budget for a planner.

Pre-wedding photoshoot

Even before the wedding, couples tend to dress up and head to some place with a stunning backdrop, and pose for photographs so they can look back at them in the future. Those who think Singapore is too small for them also plan for overseas shoots - and fly their entire entourage to the place as well.

With all the logistics required for the photographs to look stunning from manpower to equipment, even a single small shoot could add a lot more money to your wedding budget. As such, we recommend just dropping the extra expenses altogether and making sure you get the necessary photographs on the day itself!


A ritual that has slowly become popular in Singapore, its a high-cost, high-effort event that generally requires a lot of planning from the bride, groom and their respective bridesmaids and groomsmen in terms of the games (and forfeits!) involved.

Factoring in certain costumes, the presence of a videographer and photographer film and take images of the ritual, and possibly giving a bit more in the red packets of said bridesmaids and groomsmen for their work, gatecrashing could amount to a lot of additional money spent. Unless you enjoy this ritual massively, we say skip the hassle!

Live band and singers

Sure, music is a must for such parties, but why hire a live band or singer when you can plug in your favourite tunes from Spotify or your own playlist?

Said live bands or singers can come up to be quite expensive for a one event hire - at least $1,000, particularly if you’re doing a full day event as weddings tend to be. Hold on to a bit more of your money and use your own tunes, maybe with the help of a friend or two to keep the music going.

Multiple outfit changes

At traditional Chinese and Malay weddings, multiple garb changes are commonplace, from white gowns and black suits to traditional outfits suited for the auspicious times and whatnot.

If you’re looking to save, however, you can stick to one set of outfits for both the groom and bride. You also wouldn’t have to spend time changing in between meals and speeches, which will be a lot less troublesome. Keep in mind you’ll be in them the whole day, so do pick out something comfortable and practical!

(Image Credit/s: BV Wedding, Raymond Phang, Dennis Drenner Photographs,, Singapore Brides, Honey Brides)

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