Hougang police tells gang members & public: We are the only gang & big brother

Hougang police tells gang members & public: We are the only gang & big brother

Mothership.SG·2018-02-01 17:25

The Hougang Neighbourhood Police Centre has laid down the law in no uncertain terms: They are the only gang and big brother around.

This declaration was made unanimously in a Facebook on Feb. 1, 2018:

Settlement Talk? Big Brother Is Here

Last evening, Police were alerted by concerned residents on a case of possible fight involving a group of people in the immediate vicinity of Hougang Avenue 9.

Upon arrival, our officers managed to detain eight suspects and found evidence relating to a settlement talk. All 8 subjects were placed under arrest and are currently assisting Police in our investigations.

Police will not tolerate blatant disregard of the law and will act swiftly to suppress such anti-social and criminal behaviour.

Here in Hougang, there is only ONE “Gang and Big Brother” ie. call sign Hougang NPC and we will never allow anyone to disrupt the peace and serenity within our neighbourhood and estate.

So to those who intend to create problems in our neighbourhood, you have been forewarned…

Fight between gang members

The post showed several alleged gang members rounded up by the police, after residents in the area were concerned that a possible fight might take place.

Laid out on the floor — the censored portion — was probably gang paraphernalia.

A total of eight people were arrested and are being investigated.

Strong social media game

The Hougang NPC is known for their strong social media game.

This latest post received more than 1,400 Likes and 1,400 Shares within four hours.

In July 2017, Hougang NPC put up a post that showed their personnel taking swift action against an alleged molester who caused outrage online with his blatant antics:

Police from Hougang NPC arrest man seen touching MRT passenger’s thigh


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