Branded guitars at 90% off?! 9 fall prey to website scam!

Branded guitars at 90% off?! 9 fall prey to website scam!

SG Gazette·2018-02-03 21:05

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You’ve stumbled across more than one website selling branded guitars worth $825 and $1,725 for cheap - so cheap it’s 90% off. Sounds too good to be true? That’s because it is.

The authorities have issued a warning to the public to be wary of sham websites that are offering Martin Guitar models at just $149. At least nine people have fallen victim to the scam.

One of the websites said they are selling them cheap as they had been involved but undamaged in a truck accident.

The other few claim they had been prohibited by Singapore Customs, and later released to be sold at “cost price” after some discussion.

The websites promoted on three Facebook posts that have since been deleted, which had hundreds of shares and comments.

Singapore Customs said in a Facebook post that the public should not provide personal information of make financial transactions through the websites.

The sole distributor for Martin Guitars in Singapore, City Music, have also lodged a police report. A spokesperson said he knows of nine people who have placed an order, but is unsure if the guitars were delivered.

City Music also “strongly believes” that if any such guitars were to be delivered, they will be counterfeits.

The company is working with the guitar’s manufacturer CF Martin & Co in the United States to decide on further legal actions.

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