Johor immigration warns Singaporeans to behave when traveling to Malaysia!

Johor immigration warns Singaporeans to behave when traveling to Malaysia!

TheRedDotNews·2018-02-02 20:45

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Following a scuffle at the Woodlands Checkpoint on Tuesday (30 Jan), the Johor Immigration department has made a statement to remind foreign motorists to behave.

On Tuesday, a Singaporean couple was arrested after getting into a heated argument and scuffle with a Malaysian Immigration officer. They had allegedly threw their passport at the officer.

According to Johor's immigration department director Rohaizi Bahari, this was not the first case.

Malaysian passport control personnel have been having issues with misbehaving Singaporeans who refuse to follow orders and even get abusive. Some would abuse the officers verbally while also making physical threats.

Other issues also include openly violating the rules. Despite clear prohibition that photography and videography are not allowed at checkpoints, there have been people who continued to flout the rules.

Director Rohaizi Bahari reminds foreign motorists at any of the land checkpoints that they must abide by Malaysian laws and cooperate with the immigration department officers.

If they are found to have violated any rules, they could be refused passage or even arrested.

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