MPs write appeal letters to court only in ‘urgent cases’

MPs write appeal letters to court only in ‘urgent cases’

The Independent·2018-02-05 05:10

At Meet-the-People Sessions, some residents involved in court cases may approach their MPs for help. Lawyers interviewed by The Sunday Times said MPs should be wary of sending criminal appeal letters to the courts. ST PHOTO: MARK CHEONG

By Yuen Sin

The People’s Action Party (PAP) has made public its internal procedure for when its MPs should write letters of appeal directly to the courts on behalf of residents, saying this is usually done only for “urgent cases”.

MPs are generally advised to write to the Ministry of Law (MinLaw), which will then forward the letters of appeal – for example, when asking for leniency in sentencing – to the courts for their consideration, said PAP Whip Chan Chun Sing.

“It will be for the courts to determine how much weight should be given to the appeal,” he said.

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