Operator to review safety of City Square ball pit after 'drowning' scare

Operator to review safety of City Square ball pit after 'drowning' scare

Channel NewsAsia·2018-02-05 12:00

The ball pit is part of the Airzone attraction at City Square Mall. 

SINGAPORE: The operator of a newly opened suspended net playground at City Square Mall said on Sunday (Feb 2) that it will carry out a safety review after a parent claimed she had "the fright of her life" in the ball pit. 

The attraction, an Airzone project by Ultimate Entertainments Group, opened just last month. 

Bloggers Vivien and John Low, who run a parenting blog, posted a video on their Facebook page last Saturday of what Mrs Low said was a "nasty experience" at the ball pit.

The video shows a person almost completely submerged in the balls, waving and calling for help.  

Mrs Low said she had decided to accompany her son to the ball pit, thinking that it would be the safest place out of the entire elevated playground. 

But she panicked after she lost her balance and fell.  

"Not long into the play, I lost my balance in the ball pit and fell backwards. I could not reach the bottom and I could not stand up. I tried to roll over, I couldn’t. I tried to find the net so I could grip it, I couldn’t," she wrote. 

Mrs Low added that she is 1.72m tall, and that the balls were up to her armpits when standing. 

After waving and calling for help, Mrs Low said she finally managed to grab someone's hand to stabilise herself and stand up. 

The Facebook video has since been shared more than 5,000 times and viewed 300,000 times. 

Replying to the post, Airzone said it was "sorry to learn about the experience". 

"We will review the number of balls included in the pit and ensure that our first-aid trained staff will be swifter in their response to any requests for assistance," it added. 

In the post, Mrs Low highlighted that many children went into the pit alone, also appealing for parents to accompany their children. 

"The more adults there (are) inside, you can help watch out for other kids," she said. 

On its Facebook page, Airzone said that it would take into consideration its customers' feedback on whether it should reduce the number of balls in the pit. 

It also added that it was "impossible" to drown in the pit, while adding that parents should always accompany their children at the attraction. 

"The uniform 7cm balls create an extremely porous pit and are at the same time too big to fill your nose or mouth," Airzone explained. 


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