Student who netted $15k in online scams jailed 19 months!

Student who netted $15k in online scams jailed 19 months!

SG Gazette·2018-02-06 00:10

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For over nine months, she advertised the sale of concert and attraction tickets online. Conning 54 people, 21-year-old Sangeethana Natasha Sylvia Sarvanan received $15,276 from her scams while delivering none of the promised products.

On Friday (2 Feb) the part-time polytechnic student was jailed 19 months for 15 charges of scams and one of theft. In total, she faced 59 charges.

From October 2016 to June 2017, she made several accounts on both social media platform Facebook and online market Carousell to post her advertisements.

Interested buyers then contacted her via Whatsapp or through the in-app messaging services.

Buyers were told to transfer her the full sum or a deposit via Internet banking, either to her account or to family members and friends’.

Friends and family members were informed that the money had come from online work or from her father.

Police reports were lodged by buyers who did not receive their tickets after she became uncontactable.

The multiple accounts managed by her were done so to avoid detection. Some of the offences were also committed after her arrest in May last year, while she was out on bail.

The theft included in the charges occured in July 2016, when Sangeethana stole her friend’s mobile phone and sold it for $400.

The theft was only discovered when the buyer tried to trade it in at a mobile phone shop.

Sangeethana also had a similar conviction in April last year. She was given a short detention order and community service order.

(Image Credit/s: The Guardian, Tech in Asia, Civil Service Quarterly)

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