Taxi uncles are doing good this CNY: Would you do the same?

Taxi uncles are doing good this CNY: Would you do the same?

TheRedDotNews·2018-02-10 20:45

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Do you remember this?

Last month, we learned a bit more about the soft side of our tough taxi uncles. It was revealed that they had been generously giving back to society in a very low-profile manner.

Every month, a group of taxi uncles will run a donation drive to sponsor necessities for the THK Nursing Home at Hougang Ave 8. Quietly, they pool together their money to make life easier for the less fortunate.

Despite them coming from rival taxi companies and that it is really hard making a living nowadays as a taxi driver, these uncles' collective effort still manage to make a remarkable difference.

Not only that, they also volunteer their time and effort, buying and delivering the necessities themselves. They delivered their kindness right up to the doorsteps of THK Nursing Home, doing even the heavy lifting themselves.

But did you think that was the end of it?

This month, they are also doing their bit for society.

On 21 February (the sixth day of Chinese New Year), they would be holding a CNY donation event for THK Nursing Home. Collection has already started, with the deadline being 20 February. The cash donations would be used to purchase necessities for the needy folks.

Other than donating money, they would also appreciate volunteers to help with the delivery.

Would you join these taxi uncles to make a difference for the less fortunate this Chinese New Year?

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