5 social escorts missing after ship party

5 social escorts missing after ship party

CrimeLibrarySingapore·2018-03-18 04:05

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On August 20th, 1978, there was an incident in which 5 women were abducted. 5 females, believed to be social escorts, were hired by a group of foreigners who claimed to be Japanese, for a floating party out at sea.

The 5 ladies set off on a boat from Singapore Harbour. All of them disappeared together with the boat and never came back.

Out of the 5 ladies who disappeared, one of them was 24 year old Singaporean Diana Ng. This case made the headlines, and over the years, rumours and updates about the missing escorts were heard but none of them led up to any conclusions.

Possible theories: sold as sex slaves

The foreigners who hired the ladies were probably part of a crime syndicate. The most popular theory that materialised for this case is that the ladies were sold as sex slaves, possibly in some Middle East country.

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