54-year-old paedophile preyed on two 8-year-old boys

54-year-old paedophile preyed on two 8-year-old boys

CrimeLibrarySingapore·2018-03-25 03:05

A 54-year-old paedophile methodically preyed on two eight-year-old boys, gaining their trust with gifts of food and toys, and even an excursion to the zoo

Machine operator Soh Beng Huat, alias Teo Beng Huat, then lured them to secluded spots and sexually assaulted them.

On a number of occasions, he even took along with him an MP4 digital player or a portable camcorder with a tripod to record the lewd acts.

Deputy Public Prosecutor Shawn Ho told the court that Soh saw the first victim, who is mildly mentally retarded, with his older brother at a block of flats in Yishun.

He waited till the boy was alone, then struck up a conversation and told the boy to follow him. Soh then led the boy to the handicapped toilet cubicle in the male changing room, locked the door and told the boy to strip.

Soh then molested and performed oral sex on the boy. After they left the swimming complex, Soh bought the boy a cup of ice cream and a curry puff. He then took the boy home.

Soh used the same modus operandi on another two occasions, taking the boy to Northpoint Shopping Centre and Thomson Plaza.

He repeated the offence nine more times, at Chong Pang Community Club, Serangoon Community Club and a public park in Yishun.


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