Best hair salons in Singapore based on your budget!

Best hair salons in Singapore based on your budget!

KopiTalk·2018-02-18 14:40

It is important to pay attention to your personal style and grooming. This is probably the reason why some Singaporeans are willing to spend as much as $300 just for a hair cut.

Well, if your budget is only $10, we've got your back too. Here's a list of hair salons for you to choose, depending on your budget.

Neighbourhood salons

HDB block salon is still the most economical way to keep yourself neat. Price ranges from $8 (men) to $23 (women).

1) Sharene Hair & Beauty Works

2) Snip Avenue

Cheap and quick salons

If you're someone who hates the queue in salons, salons like QB House will be perfect for you.

For oppa wannabes, K Cuts gives you a Korean hairstyle within 10 minutes.

Hipster salons

Many salons are rather fashion-conscious now and these unique barbershops after often filled with hipster. For $35 - $45, you can get a clean shave and cut as well as an Instagram-worthy photo of the salon.

1) Autocutt Barbershop

2) The Golden Rule Barber Co.

High end salons

If you're feeling rich, visit these atas salons to feel like a king. But be prepared to spend more than $300!

1) Passion Hair Salon

2) Kim Robinson

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