Service your own air con to save money!

Service your own air con to save money!

KopiTalk·2018-02-18 12:08

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Air conditioner is an important component for any house. Servicing your air con monthly is equally important, unless you don't mind paying more for your electricity bill. Here's how to do it yourself.

Service the air filter

The air filter eliminates dust, bacteria and other harmful components from the air you breathe so make sure you clean it once every two weeks.

First of all, remove the casing that covers the filter and then the filter. Next, wipe it with a cloth and then rinse it with a mixture of non-abrasive soap and water. Note: dry it completely before you reattach it to the unit.

Service the ducts

Dust gets trapped in the air duct from time to time and the only way to remove it is to vacuum it clean.

Check the condensing unit

The condensing unit sucks air into your aircon so make sure nothing's blocking the way.

Clear the drain

You wouldn't want mould to grow inside your aircon, right? The best way to clean it is to cap the end of the drain that’s on the inside and suck the other end on the outside with a dry vacuum.

Check the Freon levels

Freon is also known as coolant liquid. You wouldn't need to top up the liquid so just check for leaks will do.

Clean the condenser fan

This step is important but pretty simple, all you need is a brush to brush the debris and dust away.

Routine check-up

Check the various components of your air conditioning regularly to ensure all connections are properly in place. You can also leave this step to the professional when they're here for your annual servicing.

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