Starting Tuesday: Save money by traveling via Second Link instead!

Starting Tuesday: Save money by traveling via Second Link instead!

TheRedDotNews·2018-02-11 16:30

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Traveling to and fro Malaysia is taking a toll on your wallet (pun not intended)?  

Starting Tuesday, you can save money by traveling via the Second Link instead! Malaysia has announced that they will be reducing the Second Link toll charges to encourage more vehicles to travel via the Second Link, and during off-peak periods.

Starting Tuesday (13 Feb), commercial vehicles will need to pay a levy of just RM50 (S$16.81) to enter from either side of the bridge. Currently, these vehicles pay a levy of between RM100 and RM200.

Toll rates would also be revised. There will be different toll rates between 10am and 3pm, and between 11pm and 5am, timings that are considered off-peak periods.

Starting Tuesday, individual vehicle will be paying RM4, down from RM7.50. Taxis to pay RM3, down from RM5.70. Buses to pay RM4.50, down from RM9.10. Commercial vehicles will pay either revised rates of RM4.50 or RM6.10.

Singapore will match the toll reduction

In line with Singapore’s long-standing policy, Singapore will also be matching the toll reduction at the Second Link from 1 April 2018.

These measures should together help to reduce congestion at the Second Link during peak periods and at the Causeway.

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