Ice skating

Ice skating

Paulapamela·2018-02-22 06:30

Ice skating this Chinese New Year?

I went ice skating before at the ice skating rink at Jcube. It was a releasing experience. Feeling the icy wind blow through your hair as you skate over the seamless ice, it seemed an Angel was looking down on you. I did spins, went backwards, and even did a pose

Reinvigorate your Chinese New Year. It’s a year of new beginnings, new opportunities, new hope, new experiences. Clean your room, reset your dial, do a check-up.

Hope for something new, make a difference, do something special, help someone, the list goes on on how Chinese New Year can be meaningful for me. How can Chinese New Year be meaningful for you? Meeting up with relatives, sharing snacks? Or is it more than that? How about the lives you touch, the hope you bring to others, the smile you see on your relatives’ face like a gentle kiss on a warm summer’s day?

Went ice skating with my relatives…listening to the music of Westlife beating through the jukebox, we felt freedom.

Public skating, per 2-hour session, including skate boots rental, gloves & socks, is $21.50 per adult, subject to festive surcharges.

Go ice skating this Chinese New Year to reinvigorate your experience.

Or maybe you could go to Far East Flora.

Whatever it is, start your new year on a brand new note.


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