Traffic Police inspector found guilty of molesting 4 NS men under his charge!

Traffic Police inspector found guilty of molesting 4 NS men under his charge!

SG Gazette·2018-02-19 19:50

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As their superior, he had known they would be afraid of him and listen to his orders, which this Traffic Police inspector took advantage of.

On Monday (19 Feb), Mohd Taufik Abu Bakar was found guilty of molesting four men aged 21 to 24 on six charges, all of which were serving National Service as Special Constables. He was acquitted of one additional charge involving a fifth victim.

The offences were committed between January and September 2015, and most of them were committed at the Traffic Police headquarters in Ubi Avenue 3.

All his victims were seated near his workstation, where he was Officer in Charge of the Hit and Run Investigation Team.

One of the incidents involved a 21-year-old Special Constable, who Taufik invited to his home after complaining about his body odour.

He told the younger man he had cream that could remove hair from his armpit and groin, and would teach him how to apply.

Out of fear for his superior, he agreed and went to his flat at Jalan Tenaga near Bedok Resevoir Road.

The man was naked in the bathroom with the products when Taufik barged in, and slathered the man’s private parts and nude body with the cream, molesting him in the process.

After sending the man home, Taufik messaged him: "Let me know if you feel lonely and need me to accompany you. You can stay over at my place and let me know."

The three other incidents involving the other Special Constables happened at the Traffic Police headquarters during the above time.

In one, he placed his right hand around a 24-year-old man's waist, pulling him close.

He also slapped the right buttock of another 21-year-old man.

A 22-year-old’s modesty was also outraged when Taufik pinched his left nipple and squeezed his right buttock.

The incidents were only found out when the Special Constable who was invited home told the 22-year-old victim what happened, and they both told an NS Probationary Inspector about their ordeal.

Taufik is now out on bail of $15,000 and will be back in court on March 23.

Offenders convicted of molestation can be jailed for up to two years and fined or caned for each charge. Taufik cannot be caned as he is over 50.

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