WATCH: Parking rage escalates into violent carpark brawl at Chinatown Point

WATCH: Parking rage escalates into violent carpark brawl at Chinatown Point

Coconuts Singapore·2018-02-23 05:10

Incidents of road rage, and their consequences, aren’t an uncommon sight in Singapore. But one dude’s fury over a parking space at Chinatown Point’s carpark on Feb. 9 took things to another level. Upset that the van in front of him turned right just to reverse into a vacant spot on its left, an MPV driver promptly rushed out of his car and marched over to the other vehicle in a fit of anger.

Not entirely sure what provoked him — though designs on the same parking spot seem a good bet — but from there, things escalated quickly.

The MPV driver in yellow reached into the van to grab a bag and hurl it in the direction of the other driver, causing the vehicle’s passenger to storm over and punch him. Next thing you know, the van driver sprang into action, joining the brawl by raining kicks and punches on the man in yellow.

It was only when the man who started it all fell to the ground and passengers from both vehicles ran over to stop the scuffle that both sides withdrew.

But it didn’t end there. The furious MPV driver decided to have the last word by steering his vehicle towards a man from the van before hitting the brakes at the last second. Phew.

Watch the dashcam footage from a bystander below.

A police spokesman told STOMP that the police were notified of the case at 5:29pm, and three men aged between 25 and 51 who were involved in the incident have since been arrested.

Investigations are ongoing.


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