S’pore man filmed verbally abusing Chinese national on MRT, demanding he kneel before him

S’pore man filmed verbally abusing Chinese national on MRT, demanding he kneel before him

Mothership.SG·2018-02-23 20:55

A Singapore man was caught on video demanding a Chinese national to kneel before him, claiming the latter had allegedly stolen his seat on the train.

He also hurled insults at the man, using lines such as “You are trash” and “You are low class”.

Thankfully, a bystander stepped in as a mediator before things got too heated.

The incident was recorded on video and uploaded to Facebook on Wednesday evening, Feb. 21, along the East-West (green) line.

This is the original post:

Video one

In case you can’t see it, we’ve uploaded the videos (description below):


Here’s roughly what happened in the first video, which is about two minutes long:

Shouting Uncle: I am a high class person, you are a low class, no standard person.

The mediator (in dark blue) asks him to stop talking and keep quiet.

Shouting Uncle: I am your lord, you are a dog.

From time to time, the Chinese national retorts, but what he says isn’t immediately intelligible on the video recording.

Shouting Uncle then explains to an off-screen passenger that the foreigner had rushed past him to snatch an MRT seat.

He then turns back and continues: “My status is so high, you dare to touch me?”

Mediator: “Enough, enough, that’s enough.”

Shouting Uncle then makes what sounds like a muffled threat, and paces up and down the cabin.

He returns to the spot shortly after, whipping out his phone to record the scene.

At this point, the Chinese national says something in an unfriendly tone, but again, we’re unable to make out what he is saying.

Shouting Uncle: “Why did you snatch my seat?”

Chinese national: “When did I snatch your seat? I’m not stopping you from sitting down”.

A member of SMRT’s staff appeared when the train pulled into a station.

Shouting Uncle: Go back to your country! You country bumpkin. You are smelly trash. You are a low class person.

The SMRT staff then asks Shouting Uncle to exit the train.

After another bout of squabbling with the Chinese national, he appears to exit the train.

Video 2

However, in the second video, we see that Shouting Uncle returns to the carriage to resume his argument against the Chinese national:

At one point, he even goes, “Kneel down!”


Chinese national: “I won’t kneel down! Who are you to scold people!

Shouting Uncle: This dog ah… (leaves the train)

The Chinese national continues shouting from inside the train.

Shouting Uncle then returns to continue squabbling with the Chinese national, while throwing the same insults at him.

The Chinese national retorts angrily.

The SMRT staff then asks them both to step out, while the Chinese national declares that Shouting Uncle is crazy.

Not the first time

A Facebook user who commented on the post claims to have encountered Shouting Uncle before:


SMRT said it had directed the case to police, whom we have contacted for more information on this case.

Top photo: Screenshot from video


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