Passenger refuses to pay taxi driver, claims to be from 369 gang in S’pore

Passenger refuses to pay taxi driver, claims to be from 369 gang in S’pore

Mothership.SG·2018-02-24 12:50

A passenger has been caught on video refusing to pay his fare after arriving at his destination.

In-car footage

The in-car footage appeared to originate from a taxi. It was shared on Facebook on Feb. 23, 2018.

The passenger could be seen raising his voice to accuse the driver of not making the right turn and missing the original destination.

He then demanded the taxi to stop so he could alight.

When asked to pay the full fare by the driver, the passenger initially took out two notes to pay, but kept one and refused to settle the fare.

When the passenger was warned that the police would be called, he raised his voice and claimed to be from the Salakau gang, which translates to “369” in Hokkien.

This is the 58-second video in full:

Passenger: There was a turn. You drove wrongly already. (Drives past the turn) Taxi driver: I missed the turn. Passenger: Reverse and go back. Taxi driver: I can’t reverse my car here. Passenger: Ok, stop here, stop here. Taxi driver: Stop here? Passenger: Yes. (Hands taxi driver money) Just now you could have turned in but you didn’t turn. (Curses) You are drunk but I am not drunk. (Taxi driver looks at money) Taxi driver: Eh, hello? (Points at the cash amount up front) Passenger: How much? Taxi driver: $11. Passenger: You didn’t turn into the lane, why must I pay? Taxi driver: You don’t want to pay is it? Passenger: Ya, I don’t want to pay. Taxi driver: I’m going to call the police. Passenger: Go ahead. (Both get out of the taxi) Taxi driver: Eh, you’re Singaporean right, don’t run away. Passenger: I’m from 369 gang ok!

Taxi driver: This isn’t right. (Inaudible) Passenger: Ok, if you reverse the car, I’ll pay the money. Go on, reverse the car, I’ll pay you! Taxi driver: (Inaudible) Passenger: (Curses) I told you to turn in but you didn’t.(Inaudible)

Penalty for fare evasion made harsher

The fine for first-time fare evaders was increased to S$200 in 2016, up from S$100 previously, and S$400 for the second offence, up from S$200.

This is in addition to restitution of the unpaid taxi fare.

Warning to gangs

On Feb. 1, 2018, the Hougang Neighbourhood Police Centre declared unanimously in a Facebook post that it is the only gang and big brother around as a warning to any unlawful groups and societies.

Hougang police tells gang members & public: We are the only gang & big brother

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