Man who assaulted taxi driver lands himself nine weeks in jail

Man who assaulted taxi driver lands himself nine weeks in jail

SG Gazette·2018-03-01 12:05

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A taxi driver had picked him up with a friend, but when he tried to figure out their drop off location, the intoxicated man had kicked him.

The taxi driver had then escaped the vehicle, but Chinese national Li Chuanbin chased him to a nearby hospital lobby and continued to attack him.

Singapore permanent resident Li, 44, was jailed nine weeks on Wednesday (28 Feb) after pleading guilty last month to one count of assault.

Li and Guo Yong, his friend, had boarded Lim Xiao Hwee’s taxi on 10 Sep 2017 around 8.35pm.

Guo, 40, told the 48-year-old Lim to bring them to Eunos Techpark in Kaki Bukit. Along the way, Lim tried to ask Guo exactly where their destination was, but Li became agitated and kicked him in the lower back.

He was seated directly behind the driver.

The driver then drove to Ophir Road and stopped the taxi at a bus stop, as he feared for his safety. The driver then said he would not drive the pair anymore.

Guo flagged another taxi and left, but Li grabbed the cabby’s arm.

Lim broke free and rushed out of the taxi, as Li chased him to the lobby of the nearby Raffles Hospital. He then kicked and punched the driver until the hospital security managed to separate them.

Medical examinations showed that Lim had scratch marks on his left arm and suffered bruises to his chest and back.

Li will begin his sentence on 2 Mar.

(Image Credit/s: Evening Standard)

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