Man purposefully steered lorry towards 2 men, jailed and banned!

Man purposefully steered lorry towards 2 men, jailed and banned!

SG Gazette·2018-03-01 18:35

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He had steered his lorry towards a man and his son along a back alley during a dispute, causing the duo to have to dodge.

Renovation contractor Hou Tie was sentenced to four weeks’ jail and banned from driving for a year on Wednesday (28 Feb), for driving towards 52-year-old Teh Yew Boon and his son Sandy Teh, 25.

The 32-year-old Chinese national had offered a project to the elder Teh, an electrician, and passed him $900 as a deposit.

However, due to a dispute in payment, Teh did not start work.

Hou called Teh to confront him about the issue, agreeing to meet at Bugis Cube in North Bridge Road.

When Hou saw the father-son duo standing on the road at the back alley, he steered his lorry towards them, and both men had to dodge out of the way. Neither were hurt.

Hou stopped the vehicle abruptly, going up a kerb. Teh then picked a crowbar and hit the lorry.

Hou retrieved a 1m-long wooden pole from the back of his lorry, then restrained Teh in a neck lock while hitting him.

The younger Teh intervened and hit Hou, but the contractor did not let go of the man. Hou also used the pole to hit Teh’s head.

Teh had to be treated for a 4cm-long wound on his scalp, as well as abrasions on his fingers and left elbow.

Hou has made compensation of $500 to Teh for medical expenses.

(Image Credit/s: Transient Workers Count Too)

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