Don't let the Olympic truce end

Don't let the Olympic truce end

Bloomberg·2018-03-01 13:41

Now that the winter Olympic Games in South Korea have ended, it's unclear how long the recent diplomatic thaw on the Korean Peninsula will last. It's not in anyone's interest -- America's least of all -- that it should soon dissolve.

Even though U.S. and North Korean representatives refused to meet at the Games, despite sitting meters away from one another, both sides have indicated directly or through South Korea that they're open to talks. How to start those discussions is the question, as both are trying to portray any meeting as a victory for their uncompromising strategy. The U.S. insists that the North Koreans demonstrate their sincerity and peaceable intentions by offering to negotiate away their nuclear arsenal. Meanwhile, the North Koreans have no intention of surrendering the relative security which they believe their nuclear program has ensured. The U.S. has added yet more sanctions, provoking yet another angry response from the North.


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