Do fresh grads really earn $3,500 as starting pay? Here are what the industries have to say!

Do fresh grads really earn $3,500 as starting pay? Here are what the industries have to say!

Megan Cheah·2018-03-04 14:55

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In increasingly competitive industries in Singapore, it has been difficult for fresh graduates to find jobs.

While woe be to these new workforce entrants looking for their first full-time payout, could it be that the problem lies not with the employers, but with certain criteria put in by the applicants themselves?

We’re talking about salary - namely, the starting salary figure people ask for when applying to jobs.

According to official survey results by Straits Times, the median monthly salary for fresh degree-holding graduates is $3,360. An NTU Business School Book also states that fresh graduates can expect a $3,500 to start off as well, supported by an MOE survey.

Could this be true? A closer look shows that the results of the first survey, while not wrong, covers a broad base of industries. The word “median” is also indicates the number cannot be taken for each and every industry - as such, each job vastly differs from the other in starting payouts.

Research into the matter reveals some numbers from employers in the various industries that fresh graduates can expect.

It is unlikely you will get a starting pay of $3,500 in the media, fashion or beauty industry, while law and dentistry sees a much higher pay than the others. 

So when you are out interviewing for a job, do state a reasonable amount for your expected salary so that you will not hurt your chances! 

(Image Credit/s: Human Resources Online, World of Buzz)

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