STFU: Our guide to a Singapore for people who can’t stand other people

STFU: Our guide to a Singapore for people who can’t stand other people

Yahoo Singapore·2018-03-04 14:50

Singapore might be a garden city, but it ain’t no tranquil Garden of Eden. Our country is so densely packed with people and things that finding perfect silence is more difficult than finding Voldemort’s last Horcrux. Every street is alive with the sound of road-rage and most Cafes torture you with Havana Oon Nah Na because coffee apparently tastes better with the musical equivalent of a cordless drill to the head.

No matter where you run, you can’t escape the noise. So if you are person who needs perfect silence to think, it’s absolutely maddening. That’s why we compiled a list of lesser known places where you can find some quiet.

Springleaf Nature Park Springleaf is a tiny estate wedged between the nowhere of Upper Thomson and the nowhere of Mandai. It is about as Ulu as you can get without leaving Singapore altogether or getting murdered in the Kranji Countryside. Springleaf Nature Park is just north of the neighbourhood and the famous Prata spot. It boasts a tiny cafe, Verdure, which opens till late, some public toilets, and a few nice benches. If you follow the canal, you can chill at the lonesome bird-watching spot. I didn’t see any birds, or people. So … 10/10.


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