2am at Singapore’s loneliest petrol station

2am at Singapore’s loneliest petrol station

Yahoo Singapore·2018-03-05 15:50

It’s 2 AM. Along Pioneer Road, deep in the industrial district of Boon Lay, an Esso petrol station with its bright white lights is the only sign of human life.

The Esso sign board gleams like a lighthouse in a sea of quiet, guiding the rare wayfarers in this part of western Singapore to a place where they can fill up their petrol tanks or stomachs, or empty their bladders, before they continue their journey.

While this place is bustling with heavy vehicles and commercial activity in the day, at night it’s as peaceful as a reservoir park. A lorry or taxi breaks the peace about once every 10 minutes, and even fewer vehicles actually turn in to the petrol station.


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