Subscribers angry at Toggle for World Cup streaming glitch

Subscribers angry at Toggle for World Cup streaming glitch

Mothership.SG·2018-07-04 21:20

The quadrennial World Cup is that one time where the whole world suddenly unites to become fans of the beautiful game.

That being said, it’s crucial to some World Cup fans to watch every single minute of each match, despite it being aired at ungodly hours.

But unfortunately, for fans who subscribed to  ranging between S$112.35 to S$238.90, that didn’t really happen.

Toggle streaming froze

According to several angry comments on , the stream froze during the Sweden versus Switzerland game on July 3, 10pm.

It was apparently stuck at the 60-minute mark.

Only goal was just minutes later

And it didn’t help that the only goal of the match by Swedish player Emil Forsberg at the 66-minute mark, was just a few minutes later after the stream glitched:

“Worst World Cup experience”

Because of this, one subscriber dubbed Mediacorp’s online service as the “worst paid subscription” and made it the “worst world cup experience” for another.

Sought other alternatives

Other quick-thinking World Cup fans were lucky enough to find other free alternatives but still had to pay for Toggle’s services anyway.

Expecting refunds

And some subscribers found the issue “extremely disappointing”, that they would expect a full refund if the same issue were to repeat for the next game between England and Colombia, which was just four hours later at 2am.

Toggle apologises for streaming issues

On July 4, close to 1am, Toggle published a apologising to their subscribers for the streaming issues.

“We have fixed the problem and are working to ensure that we stay on track throughout the next match between Colombia and England at 2.00am.”

And while it doesn’t feel the same as witnessing Sweden’s goal live, Toggle at least uploaded the for catch-up for those who missed it.

Mothership has reached out to Toggle for comment and will update this story with more information.

Top image screenshot via Toggle


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