NDP 2018 creative director Boo Junfeng: 'Unity' is not just about 'propaganda'

NDP 2018 creative director Boo Junfeng: 'Unity' is not just about 'propaganda'

Yahoo Singapore·2018-07-05 17:18

UPDATE: Boo Junfeng has issued this clarification, “I didn’t mean ‘propaganda’ specific to NDP. I meant to address the idea of ‘unity’ – that we shouldn’t only unite just because we’ve been asked to from the top-down. There’s commonality about our human experiences and therefore, unity can come from within, from empathy, from the ground-up. The headline (I want to reshape NDP 2018 narrative to move beyond ‘propaganda’: Boo Junfeng) does not represent what I meant to say.” The headline has been amended accordingly.

Award-winning director Boo Junfeng saw his role as creative director of this year’s National Day Parade as a chance to reshape the NDP narrative in order to focus on the personal stories of Singaporeans. Speaking to reporters at the National Museum on Wednesday (4 July), Boo noted that there are universal challenges and aspirations that bind Singaporeans together. 

“When we say unity, it’s not just about propaganda or what we are told. I think a lot of it is about our own experiences as human beings and the challenges that we face every day, the hopes and dreams that we have.I think these are all things that bond us and just as these ordinary Singaporeans have achieved the extraordinary, these were all the little narratives that we wanted to highlight this year,” he noted.


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