NTUC Enterprise to buy food court operator Kopitiam

NTUC Enterprise to buy food court operator Kopitiam

Yahoo - SG·2018-09-22 07:15

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NTUC Enterprise is set to acquire home-grown food court operator Kopitiam Investment and its subsidiaries by the end of this year, said both companies in a joint statement on Friday (21 September). With the deal, Kopitiam’s 56 food courts, 21 coffeeshops, three hawker centres and two central kitchens will be under NTUC’s portfolio. The sum of the deal was not disclosed.

“The acquisition of Kopitiam complements NTUC Enterprise’s existing cooked food operations by NTUC Foodfare. Kopitiam and NTUC Foodfare share the common objective of making quality cooked food affordable and accessible to all,” said Kee Teck Koon, Executive Director, NTUC Enterprise.

One of NTUC Foodfare’s initiatives is to offer budget meals from $2 and $2.80 at coffee shops and new hawker centres, respectively. NTUC Foodfare is also looking to expand its healthier food options, such as the distribution of diabetic-friendly meals.


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Daniel Chen 23/09/2018

Tell them don't bull shit lah....sell cheap food...later stage they charge fork 10cents spoon 10cent paper plate 20cents take away plastic bowls 30cents ....plastic bag 20 cents... They may also charge entry fees of 50 cent queuing up fees 30 cents...Then eat in kena pay 50 cents for aircon charges...Trust me...they will do whatever they can to make money from us


Chris Yong Heng Lim 22/09/2018

$2+GST +ST N WHAT total cost LPPL


Linden -T 22/09/2018

when become monopoly, price will be different? hopefully it is still a open market .


siakc88@gmail.com 22/09/2018

they selling cheaper food.? more likely they will charge for usHah


siakc88@gmail.com reply siakc88@gmail.com 22/09/2018

more likely they will charge us for use of plate fork n spoon. meals at $2.80. sure your copi set A will be set at $2.80. very soon every business in singapore will be theirs


Hosay123 reply siakc88@gmail.com 23/09/2018

You guys known all, that's what they are doing, same as all the business they do look at the insurance, supermarkets, on and on don't trust NTUC at all, only control the market than rise the price LOL


Linden -T reply siakc88@gmail.com 23/09/2018

each store giving an item for $2.80 the rest all more expensive, are u going to eat the same item everyday? is all nonsense only. Please observe the past activities how they manipulated it? is tired to make any comments as no use at all.


Frustrated 22/09/2018

Real communist country, they see big private business booming, they come after you. If you don't sell to them, there will create troubles for you. The next shop they will buy will be Sheng Siong.