Job advertisement offering $100/hr and one-time bonus of $10,000?! And it's not a scam?!

Job advertisement offering $100/hr and one-time bonus of $10,000?! And it's not a scam?!

Alexandra Tan·2018-10-27 11:55

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An advertisement on Facebook has been going viral.

Seeking a runner to run after a rooster (?!) at Downtown East, with an attractive pay of $100 per hour and a one-time bonus of $10,000?!

This sounds like a scam. But that is because it is, in a way.

The advertisement is actually the announcement of a cash prize game that is ONGOING at Downtown East.

According to the game, between the time of 12pm and 9pm, there will be a golden egg dropped every hour at Downtown East. Each golden egg is worth $100 when you get it exchanged.

Participants will be given clues to help them find the egg.

Whoever deciphers the clues first, will be able to win $100 each hour.

On their website, they also provide additional clues that might help when figuring out the real-time tips.

This will ultimately end on its "grand finale", on 4 November.

The last golden egg is the biggest bonus of all and is worth $10,000!

To drum up enough excitement for the finale, there will be many events ongoing at Downtown East that day.

There will be fun (if finding the golden egg isn't fun enough).

There will be food (A local event without food? You must be kidding).

There will even be performances by well-known local musicians (Benjamin Kheng!).

And of course, there will be MOREEEE giveaways.

Interested in earning some easy money? Go take a look at their website here: 

This is not even a paid article! (This is how attractive this event is!) So don't miss out!

Good things must share, right?

Don't forget to share this with your friends and family! Who knows, they might come in handy when helping to decipher the clues!


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