Prison Guards Share The Most Wholesome Thing They've Seen In Jail

Prison Guards Share The Most Wholesome Thing They've Seen In Jail

Knowable·2018-11-17 01:27

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Prison is not necessarily full of bad people, just like the free world is not necessarily full of good people. In fact, we've recently heard some stories that made us go, "awww."

u/plankus_ asked:

Prison guards of Reddit, what is the most wholesome thing you have ever seen happen in your prison?

Here were some of the answers.

Jesus-ing Fruit

I work non-security. One time I had an inmate walk up to me, super-sketchy like. He reached in his pants. I mentally prepared myself to see his junk.

But instead he pulled out a piece of fruit.

He then proceeded to pull out twenty pieces of fruit from his pants, handing one to every inmate in the room.

When I went to scold him about taking food out of the dining hall he said, "what? I brought some for everyone!"


Working In Groups

I'm a social worker in a prison in Belgium. We were doing a cooking workshop with some of the inmates, there was one guy in the group that was a bit 'mentally challenging'. We were decorating cupcakes, and he reeeeeaaally didn't know what to do, so he just threw some sprinkles on it randomly.

The others stopped him, told him to breath and relax. Showed him how to make smiley faces, how to use different colours, all that good sh*t. They did it all together, slowed down the pace just for this one guy. Let me tell you, those cupcakes looked amazing and the one guy was so proud.

I work in a prison with a lot of mentally unstable guys and every time there is one participating in a group all the other guys are just so patient, it's amazing to see.


Hoppity Hop

I'm not a prison guard, but I was a prisoner. Out in the yard, a frog found its way into the enclosure from under the door. A group of inmates found it, and started pushing other inmates that wanted to step on it. They protected it until it went back under the door. It was sweet seeing these other inmates, who were in jail for violent crimes, ready to throw down to let the frog live.



Not prison, but locked inpatient psych unit. We had a prisoner shipped to us bc he needed chemo during his life long sentence. I was only 21 (female) at the time and he was 6'5, in his forties. I was assigned as his 1:1 sitter and transport companion. I was terrified to be 1:1 with him bc he was so much bigger than me and had murdered 3 people about 15 years ago.

One day, after his chemo session, I was sitting with him and we were both eating a sandwich. He looked over and said "I really hope I don't scare you. I'm a different person now. Thank you for eating lunch with me."

So simple but so pure.


Kindness In Kind

I've had many a prisoner jump in front of me when someone gets too close and aggressive and tell them to back down, we're just doing a job and shouting at us does nothing.

I've seen prisoners assist staff in restraints when they're struggling. One particular prisoner was shouting he had razor blades in his mouth and wouldn't spit them out. Another prisoner overheard this and ran in to grab them out of his mouth before he could bite staff.

I've seen prisoners talk people they've never met down from suicide and I've seen them do their best to make life for people who are there bearable.

They make me laugh my arse off most days and they're honestly one thing that's kept me in the job as long as I've been in it.


Outlets For Inmates

Not a guard, but did some time at a minimum-security facility (for drug possession). My cellmate was a professional tattoo artist before his sentence. You'd think there would be a lot of requests for ink jobs, but he spent most of his time making drawings for other prisoners. They'd give him things out of commissary in exchange for a picture they could mail to their families.

The warden eventually just let him hold art class once a week. Even though having to check-in/out the pencils and pens was a stark reminder that yes, we were in prison, those classes were a lot of fun and helped pass the time. We'd talk trash about each other's art - 'your drawing is a crime against the arts, we hereby sentence you to thirty days of finger painting!' For some of the guys in there, this class was the first time they had any real exposure to art instruction. Seeing someone in their late 30s,40s,50s, get really really excited about shading and blending and in general just stoked about what they made was pretty cool.


First Responders

Former CO: In the pod adjacent to mine a nurse was passing meds when an inmate grabbed her and put a pencil to her neck and threatened to stab her. The CO called a code and I took off running the 100 or so yards to respond. By the time I got there three inmates had tackled and subdued the hostage taker I walked up and we threw cuffs on the guy and escorted him to seg. The 3 inmates who helped had a little ceremony and received a reduced sentence. You don't mess with women and don't mess with an inmates medication.


Exceptional Action

While working the floor one night, one of our officers had a heart attack and collapsed. An inmate rushed over, began CPR, got another inmate to run to the control booth and get help on the way, and saved his life. The inmates cheered and applauded when the officer revived. Not one inmate in that pod tried to take advantage of the situation.

There was also an incident with the state facility, where a prison bus was hit and rolled. The inmates did not flee, helped the injured, including the guards, and even directed traffic at the scene until police could take over.In both cases, the inmates involved received reduced sentences.


Lives Saved

Probably my first 3 months on the job I was doing a round on a housing unit. My partner radios me because I was in an inmates cell telling me to "step out quickly" when I do I realize he's not looking at me but a floor above and across the unit.

There was an inmate who was scaling the bars on the 3rd floor trying to get out over open air attempting to jump off. I made a dead sprint to him and as I reach him I jump and grab his coveralls legs but was losing grip. Suddenly a taller inmate is next to me and he is able to get hold of a foot and higher up on his coveralls. Together we were able to pull the inmate off the railing and down to solid ground. I was able to secure the inmate and the other one quickly walked to his cell and locked up due to the code being called. Needless to say the guy that helped me was given a bag lunch as a thank you and he was humble about it. Said it didn't feel right to just let the guy do his thing without trying to help.


Back To Babyhood

When I had to do community service in my small county I (a female) had to go out with the work gang from the mens jail. There weren't any other options for me. So it was a young 20's me with a bunch of hard-bitten frequent fliers more than twice my age. One of the days we broke for lunch at this little out of the way park. It's one of those first really nice days of spring and it's all breezy and pretty out. I finish my lunch and decide to go swing on the swings.

At first the men poked a little good natured fun at me. Then one of them came over to join me. Then another. Next thing you know there's a bunch of convicts and one deputy playing on the playground equipment and we're all having a grand time. We spun each other on the carousel. We went down the slide. We attempted to see-saw. It was such an odd moment of fun.



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