Macau Grand Prix win puts Dan Ticktum on verge of F1 superlicence

Macau Grand Prix win puts Dan Ticktum on verge of F1 superlicence

Yahoo - Sports·2018-11-19 17:44

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Dan Ticktum's dominant victory in Formula 3's Macau Grand Prix has finally put him on the verge of the superlicence required to race in Formula 1, the FIA has confirmed.

Having been unable to even test for the Red Bull F1 team earlier this year because he did not have enough licence points, the McLaren Autosport BRDC Award winner's latest success has propelled him close to a full race licence.

The FIA has clarified that Ticktum now has 35 points out of the 40 that are needed to allow him to race F1 in the future, after a period of confusion over what he was allowed to count.

The rules are clear that only points from the three previous seasons can count for a superlicence.

So if he wants to apply for a 2019 licence, he will only be able to use those points earned in 2016-18, or 2017-19.

It means the two points earned by his sixth placed finish in the 2015 MSA Formula championship definitely are no longer of use.

Furthermore, the FIA says that the five discretionary points awarded by the British ASN that counted for the A-licence he needed to test an F1 car do not count for an F1 superlicence.

But the 25 points earned from his runner-up position in this year's European F3 championship, plus 10 points earned from two Macau wins, have left him just five short of the magic 40.

It means that success in a winter championship could get him across the line.

He has mooted contesting New Zealand's Toyota Racing Series, which should offer seven points for the championship and five for the runner-up subject to the size of its field.

"Obviously having five more towards the magic number is very, very handy," Ticktum told Autosport after his Macau win.

"It means I won't be under pressure to go and win whatever I will do over the winter.

"But I don't think there will be a lot of drivers who will be able to challenge me in those series, without sounding too cocky.

"As long as I am in the right team and I do the right job, I hopefully will be able to achieve the magic 40 by next year."

Having produced one of the most dominant Macau display of recent years, Ticktum says he feels "ready for F1" - even though he looks almost certain to race in Super Formula next year.

"I think I've made a big improvement this weekend, in terms of how I work, so I am always improving," he added.

"But I think it is safe to say a year in a category such as Super Formula may help me even more, so I wouldn't mind either way to be honest.

"Whichever situation I get thrown into, I will make sure I make the best of it."

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