Is the U.S.'s cheapest manual Aston Martin DB7 worth it?

Is the U.S.'s cheapest manual Aston Martin DB7 worth it?

Yahoo - Autos·2018-11-22 20:09

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YouTuber Tyler Hoover’s latest purchase]( is a 1998 [Aston Martin DB7](, and it’s showing that even low mileage classics can come with problems. It should be no surprise to the video maker and columnist though, for what he bought was the cheapest manual transmission [Aston Martin for sale in the United States at the time of purchase.

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* Jaguar design boss scores automotive icon award* Aston Martin DB7 Buying Guide* Grab an Aston Martin DB7 of your own from our classifiedsAt an appropriate price of $25,007 (£19,400, €21,900), the car had covered 36,000 miles prior to ending up on the Hoovies Garage YouTube channel. It has a 3.2-litre supercharged inline-six, which Hoover describes as ‘fantastic’ to drive, and makes it a ‘really comfortable and fun’ car to drive. But as he also points out, it’s ‘cheap for a reason’.The air conditioning and radio are entirely non-functional, the gear shifter dances on its own while the car is in motion, and the battery drains at an alarming rate. Which is why Hoover sent it to his mechanic, known to many simply as ‘Car Wizard’.It's a surprisingly easy fix for some of these problems – it's just knowing where to look. A DB7 has five fuse boxes and in one located under the steering wheel, the 5A fuse has blown, the likely origin of the lack of air conditioning and radio. A little bit of work by the wizard gets the radio going again, which belts out classical music.Issue number two to fix is the battery, which sits under a panel in the boot and turns out to be a replacement unit with some possible modifications. The readings say it’s a good piece of kit though, and the wizard moves on to the underside of the vehicle. There it turns out the Aston’s AC compressor is leaking, as is an oil hose and the power steering.The differential looks fine though, and the build quality of the British classic means that even though it needs some work, Hoover can drive his DB7 away from the workshop and enjoy its brilliance on the road this winter. Perhaps it was $25,007 well spent after all.


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