Angry elephant stomps motorist to death after he crashed into the animal in Thailand

Angry elephant stomps motorist to death after he crashed into the animal in Thailand

Daily Mail·2018-11-29 19:55

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A man was stomped to death by a wild elephant after hitting the animal with his car in Thailand.

Nakharin Boonchai was killed after he struck an elephant that was crossing the road near Khao Yai National Park in the north-east of the country.

The 58-year-old driver collided with the animal's back legs, enraging the elephant and prompting it to attack.

The elephant then stomped on the car, destroying the engine and fatally wounding the driver. 

The wreckage of a car which collided with an elephant in Thailand after the driver failed to slow down and reportedly did not see locals trying to warn him of the danger 

He was killed on Wednesday evening on a small road which has signs telling drivers to beware of wild animals, which sometimes stray from the park.

'Elephants don't come out during the day but they start coming out when it gets dark,' said police officer Kemchat Paedkaew. 

Local residents waved their hands in a bid to warn the driver of the danger but he did not notice them in the darkness, the Bangkok Post reported. 

Boonchai was said to be alive when emergency services arrived but he died soon afterwards despite desperate attempts at CPR.  

Nakharin Boonchai was killed after he struck an elephant, believed to be the one pictured, which was said to be bleeding from its hind leg after it was hit by the car 

In this image it is just possible to see the legs of the animal which struck out at the driver whose car had collided with him near a national park in Thailand 

The police officer said the driver was not from the area and failed to slow down when he encountered the elephant.

He said that up to two people are killed by elephants each year in areas surrounding the park.

The elephant involved in the incident was injured in two legs and bleeding from one of its hind legs, according to reports. 

The animal was guided back into the park and is being looked after by officials there, police said. 


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