Couple Drove 900 Miles With Kids in the Trunk

Couple Drove 900 Miles With Kids in the Trunk

Newser - Crime·2018-12-07 12:24

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(Newser) – A man and woman admitted in court they drove from Arizona to Wyoming with two children in the trunk of their car, per the AP. Sixty-three-year-old Michael J. Fee and 31-year-old Amber L. Freudenstein each pleaded guilty Thursday to two misdemeanor counts of child endangerment. The Casper Star-Tribune reports Circuit Judge Steven Brown sentenced each to 30 days in jail. Fee is from Peoria, Ariz., and Freudenstein is from Tempe. Sheriff's officials say a third party told them the children reported riding in the trunk for much of the 900-mile drive while two German shepherds sat in the back seat. Fee said in court there was not enough room for everyone so the children were relegated to the trunk. Court documents show the children are about 6 and 10 years old. (Dad's punishment for bullying goes viral.)


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