Buy the Ducati motorcycle Ferrari gave to Nigel Mansell

Buy the Ducati motorcycle Ferrari gave to Nigel Mansell

Yahoo - Autos·2018-12-17 17:33

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1992 Formula 1 world champion Nigel Mansell made the headlines at the Autosport International Show this year for almost setting fire to himself and Billy Monger with a magic trick, but in 2019 his name will be in large as a Ducati]( motorcycle [gifted to him]( by [Ferrari heads to auction.The Ducati Paso 750 was introduced in 1986, with the ‘Paso’ name in honour of Italian motorcycle racer Renzo Pasolini, who had died in a racing accident 13 years prior. Three years later a Paso 906 model was made, which has a six-speed gearbox, a 904cc engine capable of 88bhp and a 140mph top speed. The four-stroke two-cylinder engine was water-cooled, a sight unseen on motorcycles]( at the time. It bridged a gap between traditional Ducati bikes and the need for the manufacturer to change its style to rival the [Japanese and not fall foul to emission controls.


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