Archifest 2016: Take a breather at this massive showcase of architecture

Archifest 2016: Take a breather at this massive showcase of architecture

Rachel Lee·2016-09-23 23:41

Artchifest is an annual public architecture festival organised by the Singapore Institute of Architects in partnership with the Singapore Institute of Landscape Architects. Archifest 2016 will be celebrating the 10th Anniversary of the event, and the organisers have decided upon the theme “Exhale” to commemorate this milestone.

Last year’s Archifest had taken on the theme of “What Future?”, and had invited the public’s feedback on the progress which Singapore had made thus far, in the honouring of SG50. A prominent point fetched from this was the brisk rhythm of everyday life as a result of urban development.

As such, “Exhale” delves into the fast pace of life that is correlated to the high density of city living. Adopting this theme in the architectural sense facilitates the public in searching for their own rhythm of life.

Design Concept

The winner of the Archifest 2016 Pavilion Design Competition, RGB Pavilion by DP Architects has come up with a habitable technicolour art sculpture. Once inside the pavilion, guests are likely to be intrigued by the overlap of multiple primary colour layers in forming a spectrum of secondary and tertiary hues.


This is the signature programme of Archifest 2016. Marking the inaugural launch of it, the organisers have selected certain landmarks and buildings around Singapore which have been prized and recognised for their exquisiteness in terms of architectural design.

Archifest 2016 has lined up a selection of six routes of tours which comprise of the viewing of exquisitely designed houses, public institutions, expansive landscape projects and religious buildings. Shortlisted landmarks and buildings include New Wings at The Asian Civilisations Museum, National Gallery Singapore, Al-Islah Mosque, Waterway Point, BASF Learning Campus, Marina Bay Cruise Centre Singapore etc.

Tickets for Architours are available for purchase at

Archifest 2016

Event dates: 23 Sep 2016 - 9 Oct 2016

Event venue: Raffles Place Park

Event hours: 9am - 9pm (Latest timeslot for certain Exhibitions)


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