Needles found in grapes from Melbourne supermarket: Report

Needles found in grapes from Melbourne supermarket: Report

Channel NewsAsia - World·2019-01-05 07:59

A screengrab from a video from 9 News shows needles stuck in two grapes.

MELBOURNE: Australian police are investigating after needles were found in grapes bought from a supermarket in Melbourne.

Mr Skender Hasa and his partner Ms Shams Alsubaiy were snacking on a bag of seedless green grapes on Tuesday (Jan 1) after dinner when Ms Alsubaiy, who is pregnant, pricked herself picking up a grape.

“When we cut it open, there was a needle stuck through it,” Mr Hasa told 9 News Melbourne on Wednesday.


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twinkle 05/01/2019

Last time was strawberries n now it’s grapes


tanaik 05/01/2019

Bitterly unhappy so must injure others


天心 05/01/2019

OMG, not again this time, why all thiese people are too free and nothing to do? going around to create all these trouble, making life so difficult..! if caught them doing it, pook them the needle all over them...