The Last Shangri-La: The Mystical Kingdom of Bhutan

The Last Shangri-La: The Mystical Kingdom of Bhutan

Wine & Dine Magazine - Travel·2018-12-15 16:21

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The mystical kingdom of Bhutan stands tall and proud, veiled within the folds of the Himalayas. Untouched and refreshingly pure, it is perhaps the closest to utopia that you may find anywhere in the world.

As the plane effortlessly glides between tall mountains, to land on one of the toughest landing strips, you gaze out of the window spellbound. The beauty beneath seems unnatural. How could something so pure still exist in today’s world? But exist it does. Albeit under a cloak, partly due to the mountainous terrain and in part due to the kingdom’s decision to remain at arm’s length from the world.


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