Sheriff Grapples With the 'Million Dollar Question'

Sheriff Grapples With the 'Million Dollar Question'

Newser - Crime·2019-01-14 07:33

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(Newser) – With Jayme Closs safely in the arms of her family, investigators are trying to figure out exactly what happened and why. "Well, right now we're looking for 88 days of evidence," says Barron County Sheriff Christopher Fitzgerald, per CNN. "So, we're looking for receipts, where the suspect may have been over the last 88 days." Law officers have arrested Jake Patterson, 21, for allegedly kidnapping the 13-year-old Wisconsin girl and murdering her parents on October 15, but otherwise little is known about his motive or treatment of Closs since she escaped captivity and was found Thursday. "I don't understand it yet myself," says Fitzgerald. "That's the million-dollar question, is why." What has emerged:


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