She Thought a Ghost Was Taking Her Clothes. Not Quite

She Thought a Ghost Was Taking Her Clothes. Not Quite

Newser - Crime·2019-02-06 07:22

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(Newser) – A student at the University of North Carolina at Greensboro debunked her theory that a ghost was stealing her clothes, though the truth was no less terrifying. After spotting handprints in the bathroom of her apartment on the edge of campus and noticing several of her pants and shirts had gone missing, the junior identified as Maddie heard what "sounded like a raccoon in my closet" after she arrived home around lunchtime Saturday. "I'm like who's there? … He's like, 'Oh, my name is Drew,'" Maddie tells Fox 8, noting she opened the door to find a man dressed in her clothes with "a book bag full of my clothes." As she waited for help, Maddie says the man kept trying on clothes, even going to the bathroom to check out how he looked in a hat. She says he asked to give her a hug at one point but didn't actually touch her.


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Jade Wong 06/02/2019

What an interesting thief. To go shopping for clothes in this manner.